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Nova One enables large companies to give customers good service in a pleasant way. It does so by using the media customers use (social, web, chat), by understanding their questions and by feeling the customer's emotions and giving authentic responses. Nova One is fluent in Dutch, the language of your customers. And it even finds its own way to your back office applications and documents.

I understand you
I see what you mean
I hear what you're saying
I know how you feel
I have character
I am myself, I have character
Start now!

Why is it important to start with your chatbot now?

It’s time to move on with customer services. You have to start now with implementing a chatbot that supports your real human service agents. Channels like Facebook Messenger and Twitter help greatly because they have the ability to implement chatbots for businesses.

Why Now? It takes time to raise AI chatbots, to gather good data and train your models. So start now to make sure you stay ahead of your competitor. Invest the money you save on your customer services cost to make your company grow.

Opportunities Nova One

The ultimate customer experience

Customer satisfaction and retention are keys for large companies. The big issue here is customer service. Nova One helps you to deliver the ultimate customer experience. At significantly lower cost.

More with less

Most companies see their customer service as a cost. Therefore they only deal with the tip of the iceberg. More efficiency is the solution. Nova One helps you to do much more with the same amount or fewer people.

Seamless integration

Due to efficient back-office integration, Nova One will find its own way to applications and data. That is very handy, since many questions are about invoices, settings, contracts, etc.

Great cross- and up-sell opportunities

Many customer questions offer moments of opportunity for cross- and up-selling, With Nova One you can pinpoint them directly and give the customer specific offers at the very moment they are relevant.

Marcel Dijkgraaf
Nova One
Great. Chatbots that get sarcasm.
It’s the goal of every chatbot to make conversation as natural and “human” as possible. That way, people will accept them as a valuable part of the customer service they receive. But to have a natural conversation takes empathy, compassion and an understanding of the most subtle changes in tone. We at Nova One believe we’re on the way to giving chatbots just that ability.
Marcel Dijkgraaf
Nova One
How do you teach a bot meaning?
We humans learn the meanings of words from context and experience. But where does a poor chat bot start? Using word vectors may be the way to go. In my last blog I discussed what’s needed for an enjoyable conversation. This time, I’d like to take a quick look understanding meaning in conversations – and how we can teach that to a chat bot.
Marcel Dijkgraaf
Nova One
Why it is important to start with your chatbot now
Companies such as KLM, T-Mobile and Nuon are way ahead in their customer service approach. Why? Because they are all implementing chatbots in their service channels.
To bot or not?

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