"We are helpful and actively involved – just like our bots."

A dedicated team of experts is here for you

As a team we work closely together with our clients. Because of the short communication lines and optimal cooperation we can adapt and act quickly to any situation. Our guidance and care results into an efficient and customized chatbot for your organization.

We do what we're good at

Flexible integration

We are experienced with integrating chatbots into already existing systems. This makes us extremely responsive to change and growth.

Understanding chatbots

We believe that chatbots displaying empathy, powered by AI, are way more efficacious than ordinary and characterless chatbots.

We are in good company

T-Mobile NL and Nova One are working together from day one to be a pioneer within the world of empathic chatbots.

"Chatbots are not just about saving money – you increase the quality of your service being available 24/7/365 to your customers."


of all responses on Facebook

Currently, our chatbot provides 72% of all answers to customer questions at Facebook. Furthermore, our bot initiates 100% of all customer agent conversations. The chatbot is fully integrated within Salesforce and T-Mobile back end enabling access to personal content for intelligent answers. This results into a positive customer experience.

The world of chatbots

We gladly keep you informed on what is going on in the world of chatbots.

Our sister company Mobile Water creates browser-based, mobile experiences for leading companies in the Netherlands.

Great. Chatbots that get sarcasm.

It’s the goal of every chatbot to make conversation as natural and “human” as possible. That way, people will accept them as a valuable part of the customer service they receive.

How do you teach a bot meaning?

We humans learn the meanings of words from context and experience. But where does a poor chat bot start? Using word vectors may be the way to go.

Why it is important to start with your chatbot now

Companies such as KLM, T-Mobile and Nuon are way ahead in their customer service approach. Why? Because they are all implementing chatbots in their service channels.

How to start with chatbots?

Are you curious to see what a chatbot could do for your organization? We would like to drink a cup of coffee with you!

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